Location and Temperature Tracking designed only for Reefer Trailers & Trucks!

Reefer TempTrac allows you to monitor the location, activity and temperature of your reefer trucks and trailers in real-time. Our solution provides fleet owners the tools to protect their assets, improve their response times and manage their operating costs while maintaining the highest product safety and quality.

The industry breakthrough you’ve been waiting for!

  • Prevent loss of loads, spoilage of loads
  • Fewer rejected loads and reduced liability
  • Improved traceability to maintain food and pharmaceutical safety standards
  • Identify and solve issues in real time – not after the fact when it’s too late and the load is spoiled
  • Offer peace of mind for customers and improved customer responsiveness
  • Know where all of your assets are at all times – don’t spend time trying to find loads or trailers/trucks
  • Save money, time
  • Maximize productivity and optimize asset use
  • Improve performance
  • Audit trail for insurance and claims purposes

Reefer TempTrac is a fast, easy install and works with all 26ft Straight Trucks and Refrigerated Tractor Trailers

Fuel Tax Rebates

Reefer TempTrac Canadian customers may qualify for either Provincial and/or Federal coloured diesel rebates. These savings alone in most instances cover the costs of our services/solutions.

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See it for yourself

Book a Reefer TempTrac demo and get a complete walk through of Reefer TempTrac’s powerful Dashboard, best in class functionality and incredible audit trail.

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Reefer TempTrac integrates with most 3rd party software for route optimization, safety and compliance